Codex: Ready…Set…

April 27, 2011

We’re just a few strokes of the pen and a splash of ink or two from sending the new quarterly, Codex, the journal of typography, to the printer. A list of tiny tasks remain to tick off in Basecamp. Then, just a few rotations of the earth and a tight-knit team of red-eyed proofreaders leap into action to scour the proofs for those rascally typos, and John will be jetting off to oversee printing and the distribution of the earliest copies. They’ll fly out encased in sturdy, fitted boxes to the eagerly waiting hands of type lovers around the world.

What do we mean by
“people seriously in love with type”?

For almost four years, John has toiled away at ILoveTypography, where he built the bright, smart blog that is typography’s most popular on the web. Lovely type adorns its pages along with the sort of news and articles that attract a wide range of readers, almost 70,000 of whom subscribe to the RSS feed.

But, as he wrote, he envisioned a journal of ink and paper and texture and type, that embodied the full richness of the subject, whose audience would be people who center their work or their attention on the deeper aspects of typography—or who’d like to. We made an interesting discovery along the way: whether you are a type designer, a professional typographer, an experienced print graphic designer, a serious web designer who wants to craft your sites with more knowledge and care, or even simply someone who appreciates exceptional typography, Codex will be just right for you: beautiful, surprising, academic, yet fresh and lively.

Just Getting Started

And this magazine will evolve. Upcoming issues are already bulging at the seams with articles in new categories, as well as our regular subjects. Each new submission expands our vision of what this magazine will become.

A Bit of Business

Use the form on the home page for our occasional newsletter. We cross our hearts you’ll only hear from us now and then. (If you’re already on our pre-order notification list, you’re all set.) It’s the best way to find out about prizes, new issue launches, calls for submissions, new type-related products in our shop, and any important changes afoot. Or, click on our RSS feed. will also carry other Codex news.

A Gift for the First Issue

Linotype has graciously offered to include a copy of their award-winning brochure, “Fonts in Focus,” in the package of those who buy our first issue, while supplies last. Pre-ordering now is a wise move.

Letters to the Editor

Each issue we’ll select and publish the six or so most thoughtful or important letters to the editor we find in our virtual mailbox. We’ll publish them online, and choose one randomly to receive a gift.

Waiting for the PDF or ePub version?

Perhaps we’re addicted to the smell of the press, the ink as it richly saturates the miniscule furrows of paper, and oh, the paper and the feel of it in our hands. We don’t know what the future holds, but for now, it holds only print.

Make sure you have the opportunity to hold Codex in your hands. The first issue is a feast for the eyes and mind; the second issue, just as beautiful, will carry even more feature articles than the first, and the third issue … Shhh, we can say no more. See for yourself: Pre-order now.

Thank you for joining us on this adventure in making a serious and beautiful magazine about type and the people who truly know and love it.

—The Codex Team

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